Hello! I am Jessica….

You know.. I have never liked this part… where I have to say in a few words who I am and what I am all about. Not that I don’t want you lovely readers to not know me but I much prefer meeting people in person haha.

Well first since you are looking for a photographer I should tell you about my business. My love for photography has always been apart of me but when I finally bought my first digital camera I was getting ready to start a new chapter in South Africa with my now husband. Him and I traveled all over for a few years and I got a real feel for landscape photography. South Africa, England, Paris, Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, all some of my absolute favorite places that I have been able to visit and capture some images. One day I was asked to do family pictures and it opened up a whole new world for me. I started working with a company in Oregon helping them photograph weddings and it just went up from there. I branched out on my own and Jessica Boltman Photography started in 2009! Now here I am and I have branched out to SO much more. I absolutely love children and I love capturing timeless and genuine photographs for all my families.

In 2011 my own little family started and I married my best friend who has helped me make this business what it is. In 2016 our family grew and we are now blessed with our daughter Kyla.

To sum me up:

I am a wife, mother and photographer . I am obsessed with Starbucks, love living a healthy lifestyle, A follower of God and a foodaholic. My world would crumble without chocolate, Mac and Cheese, Avocado, Pizza…. I won’t go on… haha


Thank you for taking the time to read a little about me! I hope you are still awake…