How to prepare your kiddos for a photoshoot

How to prepare your kids…
My child is shy is something I hear from my clients on a weekly basis. I get it! My daughter Kyla is shy, and when I would try to take pictures of her in front of people she would just freeze up. I started using some tips from other photographers started researching and came up with these 6 tips to help make this session much easier. Now let me start by saying these tips are in no way guaranteeing your kids will do AMAZING and give me all the best smiles and poses and be on great behavior ha-ha. However, for me has worked the best and has helped other clients as well I have stress free family session.

So, let’s start.
1. Let’s Chat
This tip will vary from age to age but chatting to your child a few weeks leading up to our session really helps. On the way to our session get them excited tell them we are going to have some fun with Jessica and she is going to take our pictures. Tell them things to talks to me about;
– “Oh, tell Jessica about your cool new toy you got for your birthday”
– “Do you think Jessica watches (favorite show)?”
– “Who do you think Jessica’s favorite super hero is, you should ask her”
– “Who do you think Jessica’s favorite princess is”
This will help me bring up conversations with your kiddos and know what they are up to. It’s important that they know what’s about to happen but also important that I click with them and the best way to do that is to chat about their interests.

2. Be patient
One thing clients always want are those candid pictures of kids laughing and smiling vs those posed fake smiles. The best way to get these is to not go crazy by trying to control the photo session. I know you have a vision in mind and I promise we can work with that, while still trying to keep your kids happy and having fun. The best pictures I have are from kids just being kids.

3. Let’s make it fun
We will let the kids take some fun pictures of them making funny faces or jumping whatever they want to do. I know sometimes its hard to get them to stay still so them knowing games like Simon says or red-light green light is useful. For the younger kids that don’t know how to play those games I usually will make funny faces or ask you to do bunny ears on my head. We will work together to make sure we get those genuine smiles. We will also take breaks when needed. Sometimes kids just need a break.

4. Be prepared

I know this is probably a given for most, but I will say it anyways. Do not schedule your session around nap time and always ALWAYS have snacks. A tired and hungry kid is not a fun kid, I would know. I am a briber and I am all for you bringing fruit snacks or anything small that can be eaten quickly in between shots. Sometimes it’s what it takes. When I want my daughter to give me a big smile I say “Say. .cake pop” And that brings on a huge smile… and then she gets a cake pop after pictures ha-ha.

5. Get them excited about their outfits
“Oh my gosh Kyla look at this beautiful dress I think you should wear this today”
I know it doesn’t always go this easy because well it has happened before sometimes kids just don’t want to wear the clothes you pick out for them. So, when your preparing for your shoot, have a few options for the kids. Then when they say they don’t want to wear let them choose between that or 1-2 other outfits that will work just as well. Sometimes kids just want to be heard and feel like they are getting their way.

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